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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Winter wonderland...?

Mmmm. Winter coziness. Who doesn't want cozy?
Hey I do. I do!
Especially now with me two weeks into having the flu. (Sniffle-sniffle. Cough-cough. Scream. Yell. Throw things. Punch a pillow. ) I'm just freaking out that I'm missing winter.
Yeah. That's right. I wanna enjoy the chill in the air, the fireplace crackling, hot tea, a cashmere blanket and a good movie or book without a tissue box and a fever. 
Hard to do because it's 60 degrees this weekend. Bleh.

I want another snow storm so I can catch snow flakes on my tongue!
Hold on a sec... maybe that's how I got the flu...nah. 

Sure I can't wait for spring.  But, now that I'm starting to feel better I just want a few more weeks of winter and all it's glorious-ness.

And now I'll stop whining.

photo credits: pinterest

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Omayra Redmond is one talented artist...

And, proud to say she is my sister in law.   

She took the magazine photo you see above...And let it inspire...

...and unleash...

...the jaw dropping beauty of this! Omayra has transformed this bathroom! Her free-hand wall sketch that she painted (in gorgeous brown/blue color combo I might add!) created this custom wall mural.

What a great way to upgrade, customize a room! She's located in South Carolina, but does commission work anywhere in the country.  She'll be working on a large painting for my living room soon and of course it's going to be killer! I know she'll come up with something fab... whatever inspires her and I can't wait to add it to my art wall. I'm one lucky girl. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Worn, old, and beautiful

o  R  n     o    u   t a good way:)

When something is worn to perfection like this it just feels (and looks) right. I climb into these even if the dress code says no.  C'mon, they just scream rebel.

Worn wood island charms up this kitchen

Worn to perfection floors give the shiny mod chairs charm

How cool is that painted worn door? Or cabinet below?

Ahhh. These wood floors have my heart.

Old cobblestone

reclaimed brick

I always wanted to live in a renovated barn and keep the outside looking like this.

My fav jeans

Makes me want to add more books to my space

Great outfit.

I want this to be my bedroom door

Beautiful brick home that I hope nobody paints!

This is the kind of leather sofa that makes me want to curl up and stay home.

Nothing cooler than a worn leather jacket

I have to have these floors in my life

Photos: pinterest

Sunday, August 14, 2016

My project...

I renovated my cottage down the shore about 3 years ago and this year I did some fun decorative additions. I didn't have time to do much before my film went into production but I was able to squeeze in the installation of a ventless biofuel fireplace and I put up wall decals. I picked a few favorite quotes. 

Here's the end result along with a couple of photos of the place furnished.
It wasn't too difficult to do, but it did take me about 1.5 hours including prep. Once I got the hang of it...I was done:)

The fire was just lit when I took this photo, so the flame was still low, but once it gets going the flame runs fairly wide and gets stronger. It throws some heat too which will be nice and cozy in the winter. 

I added blue glass bottles and a valance for color...
I put up Donna Karen polka dot sheers and added a pop of color with the blue pillow and a floating shelf for the cable box.
Who can resist a basket full of ivory soap?  
I also added solar path lights this year. They're not all sun-charged yet in this photo so it's hard to see all of them...finally I don't have to guess my way down the slate path to the front door:)
I'd usually give the porch floor boards a fresh coat of stain every year, but not only did I not have the time, but I believe they are worn to perfection. I couldn't bring myself to make it look "perfect"'s perfect as-is...don't ya think?

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